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  • London: The Devil's Travel Bureau

  • Searching for the vestiges of the Secretum in the British Museum, a cache of Victorian-era pornographic relics donated by reprobate travelers and phallus-collectors.
  • Hellfire Holidays: the Great British Sex Club Tour

  • A road trip to find the raunchy 18th century sex clubs hidden in the British countryside, including the depraved "monks" of West Wycombe and a Scottish self-abuse society, the Beggars Benison.
  • From Paris to the Gutter: "Erotic Archeology" of the Belle Époque

  • An 1883 prostitute guide to Paris provides a vivid link to the wicked bohemian nightlife of the city's golden era, including fantasy brothels and a notorious "sex chair."
  • Infernal Provence: the Marquis de Sade is Dead! Long Live Pierre Cardin!

  • The crumbling chateau of the Marquis de Sade lies in a picturesque village in southern France, which has been thrown into tumult ever since the new owner moved in - celebrity fashion icon, Pierre Cardin.
  • 700 Year Itch: the Love Lives of Medieval Peasants

  • A tiny village in the Pyrenees called Montaillou (current population, 34) has earned an unlikely notoriety thanks to the sexual habits of its medieval peasants, including playboy priests, randy shepherds and adulterous châtelaines.
  • Wild and Crazy Swiss: Sex and Drugs and Lyric Poetry

  • Two centuries ago, the wildest art colony in Europe was by Lake Geneva, fueled by lust, alcohol and opiates.
  • "Little Death" in Venice: the Covert Casanova Tour

  • Casanova's raunchy sex memoir can serve as an underground guide to his home city, turning up a convent where he seduced several nuns, his favorite bar and even the prison cell where he languished in the attic of the Doge's Palace.
  • Vatican Vice: the Pope's Pornographic Bathroom

  • Long before the Da Vinci Code, the Vatican was riddled with secrets. The most lurid involves the bathroom within the very Papal Apartments, decorated with erotic imagery by Raphael in 1516.
  • Return of the Pagans: the Once and Future Paradise of Capri

  • For 2000 years, the beautiful island of Capri has been synonymous with carnal freedom. Its modern golden age was in the 1880s, when it became Europe's most decadent artists' colony, rivaling Paris for creative debauchery.